RAGAT Grupo Jurídico Integral S.C., is a team of professionals (lawyers, tax lawyers and certified accountants) with skills, commitment, preparation, infrastructure, relationships and high-end education in legal, accounting and tax, to provide innovative and multifaceted highly specialized services to our customers, eliminating the need of various service providers segmented by area.

Our commitment is to offer SPECIALIZED, INTEGRATED and PERSONALIZED, legal, tax and accounting services with HIGH ADDED VALUE AND EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, ensuring our clients satisfaction through our different areas of expertise.

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Quality services and trust

Our Mission

Seek the relevant legal issues so that each customer’s situation is the most convenient for them while simultaneously being in compliance with the provisions of law.


Our daily motivation

Our vision

To maintain a high reputation as a firm of lawyers, accountants, and proactive and efficient financiers and mediators, consolidating ourselves in meeting all of our customers needs, ultimately to support them in their personal activities and business negotiations.

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